Are There Any Hidden Fees When Hiring a Professional Moving Company?

Are there any hidden fees associated with hiring a professional moving company? Learn about unexpected costs when relocating and how to avoid them.

Are There Any Hidden Fees When Hiring a Professional Moving Company?

When you're planning a move, the cost of hiring a professional moving company is one of the most important factors to consider. But, are there any hidden fees associated with hiring a moving company? The answer is yes, there are some hidden fees that you should be aware of before you hire a moving company. No, most moving companies won't charge sales tax on the cost of their moves. However, they may charge sales tax on any packaging material (such as boxes and adhesive tape).

Additionally, some moving companies may try to inflate the overall costs of moving by adding additional charges, such as the environmental fee (also called the disposal fee). This is one of the most unexpected costs of moving that you may have to pay when relocating. Storage fees may also be charged if the place you're moving to isn't ready to receive your belongings. To avoid this, make sure that the new residence or office is aware of the date and time of the move.

Additionally, ensure that your estimate is accurate and includes all the services you need for a successful move. When you hire professional movers to transport your household items to a new location, they won't add any fuel charges to the final price of the budget. However, they may adjust the charge once the truck is loaded. It's best to give more than 5 days' notice so that they can schedule another person in that time slot or, in the case of Piece of Cake, at least one business day in advance in writing.

Zip Moving & Storage provides all the boxes and packaging materials needed for your move based on your budget. When you move locally and hire a local moving company, they're likely to charge a somewhat hidden moving cost, known as a travel fee. This is a technique used to increase the price of moving by increasing the sales of the goods sold by the moving company. The general rule is to base tips on a percentage of the total cost of moving; the industry average is between 15% and 20%. If you hire a professional moving company, fuel costs may not be added to the quote that they give you for the move.

However, there are other hidden costs that you may not be aware of until you take a closer look at the final bill. In this way, they can ensure that the quotation is correct and also that they will have the right resources and equipment on the day of their move to transport those items. Of course, hiring a professional moving company is one of the main expenses when relocating. Professional movers may offer different types of estimates (or quotes), and the final costs may vary depending on which one you choose.

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