Do Moving Companies Provide Packing Supplies for Free or at an Additional Cost?

Learn about whether or not moving companies provide packing supplies for free or at an additional cost.

Do Moving Companies Provide Packing Supplies for Free or at an Additional Cost?

If you're planning a move, you may be wondering if you'll need to purchase your own packaging supplies or if the moving company will provide them. Generally, moving companies have packing services available for a fee or as part of their services. When booking your move, be sure to confirm which packing services are included and which are not with the moving company. No, most moving companies won't charge sales tax on the cost of their packing services. There are no taxes on services such as packaging, loading and transportation.

That said, moving companies will likely charge sales tax on any packaging material (such as boxes and adhesive tape). Packaging service and packaging materials are an additional service offered by full-service moving companies. You can choose to pack your items yourself or have a professional packer take care of the items in your household. There are hidden fees, such as assembling furniture and tipping moving companies during the move.

While full-service moving companies can pack and unpack for you, this service comes at an additional cost. You can save a lot of money by packing your own things, especially if you can get free moving boxes from friends or local businesses. Alternatively, you can buy the packaging materials you need directly from the moving company. Some moving companies also offer partial packaging or only for fragile parts as a means of compromise between their own packaging service and that of full packaging.

Many moving companies charge extra money if they have to carry your items up the stairs instead of just putting them in an elevator. A self-made move will require a lot of labor; be honest about what you can do and how much help you'll count on. It's no secret that the moving process can drain your budget faster than your name can say, so it's important to prepare for any unexpected expenses during the move. The Piece of Cake Moving & Storage is fully prepared to help you move from start to finish, including moving supplies.

If you have particularly large or cumbersome parts, such as a piano or pool table, make sure that the carriers know this in advance so that you can be aware of the additional charges. If you really want to hire moving companies, moving loans, credit cards and financing are some of the options, but you should consider your ability to make payments before relying on them. Not all employers offer relocation assistance, and your move is likely to result in other significant expenses. While moving companies will store your things overnight, they won't do it for free and you'll most likely end up paying some kind of additional fee for the service.

Identify the deadline for your move and be realistic about how many hours you can spend on tasks related to the move. Many companies offer packaging services for fragile items and employ specially trained and certified transporters for pianos and antiques. Sometimes, offering a free lunch is all you need to bring together a group of family and friends to help you move from your house or apartment to a new one.

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